hello guys . my name is jishnu.s where some people call me supra, smiling beauty, jimmy.

I was born on December 27 / 2000. just after the christmas 😍😂.

I lives in India, has i am proud to say that I am an indian citizen. where I was born, played and lived till now.In india i was living in kerala which is known as (gods own country). now you may think that I am a malayali ” yes it’s true i am a malayali but one funny thing is that I don’t no to speak malayalam well and even i does not read malayalam books or news paper.

I don’t know malayalam because I lived and studied in muscat till 4th standard. I studied till 4th standard at al wadi al kabir school in muscat. In that school i wasn’t thought any malayalam language. i was only taking malayam with my parents so that now I could still talk in malayalam..

so now let me introduce my mother and father. my fathers name is suresh kumar. he works in oman has a manager of an oil company called slumberger.

next i introduce my sweet mother her name is prasanna.She is a house wife .one of the best i should talk about my mother is she is so kind-hearted and lovingly. Her beauty full smile is so good to see than anything. The other secret of her is her delicious food 😚😍 she used to make many food which I like very much.I consider her like god who does many things for me by keeping her works and time beside and help me at anytime.

so let’s introduce the third member of my family. first of all before telling who is he i will tell some clues of him.He is like a best friend of mine.i tell him all my secret and he helps me in all kind of things. The other thing is that he studies well than me . He has 100% in CBSE class 10 exam .. now he completed is BTEC with first class.

this much clues are enough to describe him . now it’s time to tell who he is non other than my brother.his name is sandeep, age 23.i am so lucky to have a brother like him ..

this is my introduction.this much is enough to specify me. by not making bore i am concluding my words..

thanks for reading the post …